Mendelian Genetics

Created March 2020, Offline version here
Video by Paul Anderson, also on his website Bozeman Science.

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1. Which law of Mendel applies to genes that do not affect each other.
2. What is the probability, in percent rounded up, that RrYY x RrYy will produce RRYy?
3. What is the probability in percent of Rr x rr producing wrinkled seeds?
4. Mendel’s Law of Segregation occurs by what kind of chance?
5. What type of genes does not follow Mendel’s law of independent assortment?
6. Huntington’s disease is a dominant allele (H). What is the genotype of a wild type male or wild type female?
7. What kind of phenotype does the hybrid Yy produce?
8. What is another word for a heterozygous genotype?
9. What do you call a trait that is passed through each generation?
10. What are the offspring of the parental cross referred to as?
11. What is the probability, in percent, that two hybrids will produce offspring with Huntington’s disease?
12. What organism did Mendel use for his experiments because of the large number of characteristics it had and because of how fast the organism grew?
13. What effect does the Huntingont’s disease have on the nerve fibers in the brain?
14. What is the probability, in percent, that RRYy x Rryy will produce RrYy?
15. What are the recessive allelee in the heterozygous genotype RrNn?
16. What do you call the separation of alleles?
17. What is the probability that YY x Yy will produce green seeds?
18. What do you call the genetic model, analogous to a family tree, that displays a trait or disease passed down several generations?
19. A coin is flipped 120 times. What is the probability in percent that the next coin flip will be tails?
20. How many white flowers are produced for the F1 generation when two purple hybrids are crossed?