Weathering, eluviation, and loam - soil and soil dynamics

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1. Describes soils becoming increasingly salty
2. Another word to describe the A horizon
3. Type of material that important for cation exchange capacity, besides clay (one word)
4. Primary process for turning rock into soil
5. Cation exchange capacity helps plants obtain this
6. Soil type with intermediate amounts of sand, silt, and clay
7. If the CEC of a soil increased, the ability to hold nutrients would be expected to…
8. Abbreviation for word that means ability of soil to hold onto positively charged ions
9. Type of weathering described by ice-wedging
10. This crop management technique can contribute to salinization
11. Another word to describe the B horizon
12. Geologic layer that becomes soil through physical and chemical alteration
13. Soil degradation caused by driving on wet soils
14. Space between soil particles that affects drainage
15. Layer of soil characterized by parent material (one word)
16. Type of weathering described by acids altering rocks
17. Intermediate soil particle size class
18. Slowest-draining soil particle size class
19. Soil particles from 0.05-2mm in diameter
20. Soil layer synonym