Reproductive system - key concepts

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1. The name for the process where egg and sperm come together to make a zygote
2. The male gamete
3. A ball of cells that represent an early stage of embryo development
4. This gland is responsible for the production of LH and FSH
5. The ______ cycle is necessary for the release of eggs, and the preparation of the uterus for pregnancy
6. The site of formation of sperm
7. The middle layer of cells in a gastrula
8. The innermost layer of cells in the gastrula
9. The ______ luteum is a temporary structure that produces progesterone in females
10. The embryo stage after the blastula, a hollow structure formed of three layers of cells
11. This structure dilates during the birth of a baby
12. An appendage responsible for delivery of semen into the vagina
13. The general name for the haploid egg and sperm cells
14. The canal of the female genital tract that receives the sperm
15. The primary male sex hormone
16. These are the site of egg production and storage in females
17. After ovulation, the ovum moves down this tube where it may or may not be fertilized by a sperm
18. The outer layer of cells in the gastrula