Biogeochemical cycles

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1. Describes the process of when plants and animals uptake the elements into their body.
2. Refers to the soil or the Earth
3. The biogeochemical processes are to help conserve this.
4. How many biogeochemical cycles are there?
5. When plants and animals die, the tissue undergoes this process.
6. Refers to the air.
7. Process when hydrogen and oxygen return to the lithosphere from the atmosphere.
8. Refers to the environment that contains living things.
9. Refers to a process where a limiting nutrient is leached into a water supply that causes increased algae growth.
10. Part of the sulfur cycle where this type of rain helps return sulfur to the lithosphere.
11. Plants and certain zooplankton use this process to transport carbon dioxide from the air to the lithosphere.
12. The phosphorous cycle does not include this abiotic environment.
13. These man-made industrial structures are responsible for putting sulfur dioxide and other chemicals into the atmosphere.
14. Refers to the ocean or bodies of water.
15. This type of bacteria helps nitrogen return to the atmosphere from the lithosphere.
16. The acronym used to memorize the six essential elements to life.
17. This microscopic organism helps to convert the elements into different forms.
18. Word that describes living
19. This cycle involves hydrogen and oxygen.
20. One of the limiting nutrients that its cycle does not involve the atmosphere.