Immune system - the basics

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Video by Paul Anderson, also on his website Bozeman Science.

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1. Type of T-cell that sense the shape of the antigen.
2. There are two types of these cells: B and T.
3. Type of immune response that occur in the fluids of the body.
4. This is the first line of defense against infections.
5. Another name for a foreign agent that elicits an immune response.
6. How many signals does the chemical CD4 help with?
7. The specific immune response uses these to help identify antigens.
8. Chemical used by helper T-cells to sense the shape of the antigen.
9. Type of cell that “eats” or engulfs foreign bodies.
10. This type of immune response uses B and T lymphocytes.
11. This type of T-cell uses CD4 to signal different cell processes.
12. The letter in which antibodies are shaped like. (no hyphen needed)
13. If the skin represents the castle walls, what is used to represent the specific immune response? (singular)
14. These cells are made in the thymus gland. (no hyphen needed).
15. Type of cell that helps protect the body from a recurring infection.
16. Where T-cells are manufactured in the body.
17. Non-living, infectious agent that hijacks cells to replicate.
18. Where B-cells are manufactured in the body.
19. Chemical used by macrophages to present pieces of the antigen.
20. What organelle helps the macrophage digest its “food”?