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1. Proteins that will perform replication of the genomic RNA- strand to get more genomic RNA+ strands. (in one word)
2. The sequences of in the genomic RNA- that regulate transcription of the subatomic mRNAs. (in one word)
3. The RNA of this virus in the sense strand and is therefore considered what? (in one word)
4. Process of making a protein using an RNA template.
5. Proteins that will perform transcription of the genomic RNA- strand to get subgenomic mRNA+. (in one word)
6. What do the viral spike proteins bind to allow it entry into the host cell?
7. A family of large RNA viruses that cause the acute respiratory syndrome SARS.
8. What is the name of the protein capsule that contains the viral RNA?
9. The process of producing multiple mRNA transcripts from one of the genomic RNA- strands. (in one word)
10. The genetic material of the virus is contained in the virus capsid (in one word).
11. Which poly protein do you get when you translate ORF1a and ORF1b?
12. Where does the translation of the subatomic mRNAs into viral structural proteins occur? (in one word)
13. The proteins encoded by open reading frame 1a and open reading frame 1b. (in one word)
14. How do the new virions get from the ribosomes to the outside of the cell? (in one word)
15. These transcribed mRNAs contain sequences that correspond with both ends of the genome. (in one word)
16. The strand that is produced by replication of the genomic RNA+ strand by the replicase proteins. (in one word)
17. The products of the subatomic mRNAs from translation. (in one word)
18. What cell transport process allows the virus to get into the host cell? (in one word)
19. The process of breaking down a polyprotein into individual proteins.
20. How does the single genomic RNA code for both pp1a and pp1ab polyproteins?
21. The removal of the viral capsid and spike proteins to release the viral RNA into the host cell.
22. The process of moving the virus out of the host cell involving the fusion of the vesicle to the plasma membrane.
23. Where do the proteins and genomic RNA+ get packaged into viral progeny? (in one word)
24. The progeny or offspring of the virus that will go one to infect other host cells.