Population ecology

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1. Which type of graph is leveled at first followed by a rapid increase in mortality in old age (one word)?
2. Which type of limiting factor affects mortality rate regardless of the population size (one word)?
3. Which type of graph do humans experience and as per scientists?
4. How many characteristics directly linked to a population can we study and observe?
5. What is the maximum number of organisms of a particular species that can be supported by an environment called?
6. What is the term that describes all the members of the same species found in a particular area?
7. r-related species produce few offspring and incorporate more parental care into their offspring: True or False?
8. The wind carrying the seeds of dandelions result in what type of a distribution pattern?
9. What is the intrinsic growth rate when a population hits a stable carrying capacity?
10. What is the study of the distribution and abundance of species populations and their interactions with the environment?
11. Which type of species experience constant mortality rates regardless of age?
12. In a logistic growth curve, what can we calculate if we divide N naught (No) by the change of N (ΔN)?
13. A man-made pond begins with 200 fish and one year later the population increases to 400. After several years, the population stabilizes at 1,000. What type of growth curve has this population experienced?
14. The carrying capacity is a response to this unsustainable increase in the population size.
15. What do the birth, death, immigration, and emigration rate of a population contribute to?
16. Horses, primates, and elephants are all examples of what type of species (one word)?
17. Which type of species experience high mortality rates early in life and then experience generally high survival rates towards the middle and later stages of life?
18. What do you call limiting factors that influence the growth of a population as its density changes (one word)?
19. A butterfly within a population moves away from its habitat and migrates to another habitat. What is this called?
20. The N0 of coyotes is 52. With 30 births and 10 deaths, 7 coyotes immigrated and 2 emigrated. ‘r’ is 0.5: True or False?