Cell Cycle

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1. Molecules responsible for regulating the cell cycle
2. The name of the microtubule structure that attaches to the chromosomes and pulls them apart
3. The name of the “traffic lights” that control progression through the cell cycle
4. The stage of mitosis where chromosomes line up in the center of the cell
5. What does the S in S phase stand for?
6. G1, S, and G2 stages make up this phase of the cell cycle
7. The nuclear envelope breaks down, and chromosomes condense in which stage of mitosis?
8. The stage of the cell cycle associated with the separation of chromatids
9. The ______ membrane starts to break down in prophase
10. The G1 phase of interphase is an important period of cell _____, which is why it is called the G1 phase.
11. The structure that holds the two sister chromatids of a chromosome together
12. Mitosis results in the formation of two genetically ________ daughter cells
13. The G2 checkpoint ensures that DNA has not been damaged and that it is successfully _______ before mitosis
14. The name for the process at the end of mitosis where the newly formed daughter cells separate
15. Cells that are a “blank canvas” and can become a range of different cells (one word)
16. The process by which stem cells become cells with specialized functions
17. The final stage of mitosis before actual cell division
18. The disease that can result from uncontrolled cell divisions