Free energy

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1. Category of animal that maintains body temperature by using the external environment.
2. A compound used for energy storage in humans.
3. With each transfer of energy, entropy…
4. Process that allows free energy to enter the food chain by converting energy from sun into sugars.
5. Some people falsely claim that this process violates the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics
6. The currency of energy for cells
7. As animals get bigger, their metabolic rate…
8. The sum of all chemical reactions that allow organisms to utilize free energy.
9. The state of an internal stable environment.
10. The main source of free energy for life on Earth (one word).
11. Decreasing entropy is possible here.
12. What process converts glucose to pyruvate?
13. The Second Law of Thermodynamics only applies to this type of system.
14. A lower form of energy that results from energy transfer.
15. A compound used for energy storage in potatoes and other plants.
16. Generated by the sun and required to maintain life. This is transferred through ecosystems. (one word)
17. The result of a too-large decrease in free energy.
18. Describes disorder of the universe.