Signal Transduction Pathways

Created March 2020, Offline version here
Video by Paul Anderson, also on his website Bozeman Science.

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1. What subunit of protein kinase binds cAMP and causes the subunit to dissociate?
2. What does a secondary messenger do to the message in a signal transduction pathway?
3. What is the name of the receptor in our signal transduction pathway example? (in one word)
4. Protein kinases are important in what type of cascade?
5. What changes about G protein when epinephrine binds to it?
6. What does the “c” in cAMP stand for?
7. What group is added to the catalytic subunit of protein kinase before it activates phosphorylase?
8. What protein breaks down glycogen into glucose?
9. Which subunit of the G protein receptor dissociates from the receptor and binds to adenylyl cyclase?
10. What molecule does adenylyl cyclase use to create cAMP?
11. What is another term for epinephrine in our signal transduction pathway example?
12. What subunit of protein kinase phosphorylates the phosphorylase enzyme?
13. What molecule binds to G protein in our signal transduction pathway?
14. What protein generates cAMP? (in one word)
15. What secondary messenger binds to the regulatory subunit of protein kinase?
16. A ligand cannot cross what part of a cell?
17. What is the term for converting a message into another form?
18. What molecule does phosphorylase break down into glucose?