Mendelian Genetics

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1. A cross involving two traits. YyRr x YyRr
2. Same alleles in a genotype.
3. Physical appearance of a trait.
4. A table that is used to predict the outcome of a cross. (one word)
5. The parental generation in a cross.
6. Alleles separate which gives a 50% chance of inheriting them. This is called the Law of __________
7. Two dominant alleles in the genotype, PP. (one word)
8. Different alleles in a genotype, Pp.
9. Trait/allele that is shows over the recessive trait/allele.
10. The offspring of the P cross.
11. Versions of a gene.
12. A unit of inheritance that determines a trait.
13. A chart that shows how a trait is inherited through a family.
14. The offspring of the F1 cross. (one word)
15. What organism did Mendel study? (one word)
16. Two recessive alleles in the genotype, pp. (one word)
17. A genetic disorder that causes a degeneration of nerve fibers in the brain. (one word)
18. A cross involving a single trait. Pp x Pp
19. The passing of genetic factors from parent to offspring.
20. The likelihood of an event happening.
21. Trait/allele that is masked by the dominant trait/allele.
22. A physical characteristic of an organism.
23. Genes that cause different traits are inherited independently of each other. Traits don’t affect each other. (one word)
24. The alleles that are present for a gene.
25. Genetics based on the work of Gregor Mendel.