The Cell Cycle

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1. Animals cells divide by a(n) _____ of the plasma membrane (one word).
2. _____ move to opposite poles during prophase.
3. _____ is the name given to the process of cell division,
4. What name is given to a process by which a single cell gives rise to two genetically identical daughter cells (one word)
5. _____ make up the spindle.
6. A duplicated chromosome is composed of two _____.
7. Chromosomes migrate to the opposite pole during _____.
8. What structure divides during anaphase.
9. _____ are cells that can differentiate into different cells types (one word).
10. Collectively, prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase (one word)
11. A _____ tumor is one that only spreads by growing.
12. _____ is a type of disease in which tumor forming cells are capable of spreading through the body.
13. Chromosomes align along the cell’s equator during _____.
14. _____ are molecules that play a role in the regulation of the cell cycle.
15. In what stage of the cell cycle do chromosomes become visible when viewed with a light microscope?
16. _____ is the phase of the cell cycle during which stem cells begin to differentiate.
17. Which phase of the cell cycle includes two checkpoints as well as G1, S, and G2?
18. _____ is the final phase of the cell cycle.
19. Which body system allows malignant tumor cells to migrate?