Basic concepts about ψ

Crossword by Anders Michael Nielsen, February 2020. Offline version w/o feedback here.
Video by Paul Anderson, also on his website Bozeman Science.

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10 6
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14 3
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1. What does R stand for in ψ_s=-iCRT
2. What happens to ψ when temperature lowers? It …
3. What is the ionization constant of NaCl?
4. What does i stand for in ψ_s=-iCRT?
5. What happens to ψ_s when ions are added to the water? It …
6. What is driving the movement of water up through a three?
7. What is the ionization constant of sucrose?
8. What is calculated in mol/L
9. What is the symbol ψ used for in biology?
10. What does the p stand for in ψ_p?
11. What unit is used for ψ?
12. A difference in concentration
13. What will always flow from high ψ to low ψ
14. What Greek god caried a trifork?
15. What creates the pressure potential in plant cells
16. What unit is used for temperature in the ψ_s=iCRT equation
17. What does roots have in them that makes their ψ so low?
18. The flow of water happens because of this
19. What is ψ of pure water in bars
20. What does the s stand for in ψ_s?