Biology (86)

DNA & RNA (8)

0071 Biogeochemical cycles - nutrient cycles, lithosphere, bacterial processes (W 22Q AP-level )
0070 Assimilation, decomposition, denitrification and CHNOPS (C 20Q AP-level )
0069 Biogeochemical cycles: nitrogen-, phosphorus- and sulfur cycle (M 20Q AP-level )
0059 Population Ecology - survivorship curves and r- and K-selected species (W 24Q AP-level )
0058 Population density, distribution, size, sex ratio, and age structure (M 16Q AP-level )
0057 Population ecology - density/distribution, growth curves and limiting factors (C 20Q AP-level )
0053 Calvin cycle and water management (W 14Q AP-level )
0052 Basics about photosynthesis and the Calvin Cycle (C 20Q AP-level )
0051 Photosynthesis and the Calvin Cycle (M 14Q AP-level )
0028 Krebs Cycle, Calvin Cycle, light reactions and glycolysis (M 30Q AP-level )
0027 Photosynthesis and respiration - Krebs Cycle, Calvin Cycle and more (M 39Q AP-level )
0026 Photosynthesis - light- and dark reactions, pigments, PS II and PS I (W 15Q pre AP-level )
0025 The different components or processes of photosynthesis (M 15Q AP-level )
0024 Photosynthesis - photosystems, light reactions and dark reactions (C 20Q AP-level )
0014 Ecosystems, Food Chains, and Population Growth (W, 26Q, AP-level)
0013 Growth curves, competition, trophic leves, food chains and food webs (M 26Q AP-level )
0012 Ecosystems - vocabulary quiz (C 20Q AP-level )
0011 Chloroplasts, the Calvin Cycle, and plant adaptations (W, 17Q, pre AP-level)
0010 The basics about stomata, C3-, C4- and CAM plants (M 19Q pre AP-level )
0009 Photosynthesis - basic concepts about how plants make sugar (C 20Q pre AP-level )
0003 Water potential - basic concepts (W 15Q AP-level )
0002 Water potential, how it is calculated and which direction water flows (M 15Q AP-level )
0001 Basic concepts about Ψ (C 20Q AP-level )
0101 Biology Various biology questions (M 30Q, Year 12)

0099 Elements of the periodic table (C 14Q, Year 11)

0089 Free Body Diagrams (W 22Q AP-level )